Sunday, February 20, 2011

G-Man: Cape Crisis

The last time we met G-Man and Great Man, a pair of squabbling, super-powered siblings, and got to know a colorful cast of characters. In this volume, we get a larger story that grows out of older brother Great Man's desire to make more money than having a paper route. His scheme is to cut G-Man's magic cape into pieces and make them into bracelets. The cape is the source of their powers, and the bracelets give their wearers super-strength, invulnerability, and the ability to fly. Even at thousands of dollars apiece, people line up around the block to get a piece of that action. Great Man is not so stringent with a screening process, and some shady characters end up with superpowers and start causing mayhem. On top of that dilemma, the Wizard warns G-Man that breaking up the cape is making its magic highly unstable.

This volume is the latest in a series by Chris Giarrusso, a veteran of Marvel Comics whose funny and cartoony style is very expressive. This interview about his work and career details some insight into Giarrusso's stories. An interview with Comic Book Resources specifically about this series is available here.

Reviews of Cape Crisis have been largely positive, among readers young and old. Robert Sodaro praised the book, stating that it contains "so much of why we read comics in the first place." 10 year old Sophie Wilson at the Graphic Classroom found the story and art incredible. Raoul at Trade Talks was "tempted to end this review in one paragraph, telling you to just buy it already."

Cape Crisis was published by Image Comics, and an extended preview is available here. A video preview is also available here.

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