Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy 62nd Birthday, Dave Gibbons!

British-born Dave Gibbons is best known in the US for Watchmen, the renowned graphic novel that appears on the Time Magazine All Time 100 Novels list and is also the only graphic novel to win a Hugo Award. Although today Alan Moore gets the lion's share of credit for being the imaginative author of the book, Gibbons had much more input than is typically credited, as discussed in this interview. He was also an active consultant on the movie version of the book, and more about that work can be found in this interview from Den of Geek as well as this one from Time.

Well before he became famous for Watchmen, Gibbons was making comics in the UK for the very first issue of 2000 AD, the home of Judge Dredd, where he created a number of strips including Rogue Trooper. He also drew a long run of Dr. Who comics before being recruited to work in the US for DC Comics on books such as Superman and Green Lantern. In more recent years, Gibbons has kept quite busy creating comics such as Give Me Liberty (with Frank Miller) and The Originals while also working on video games and CD covers.

Nominated for a number of industry awards through the years, he was honored with two Jack Kirby Awards in 1987 for creating the series Watchmen and his artistic collaboration with Moore.

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