Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 44th Birthday, James Kochalka!

James Kochalka is a Rennaissance man: comics artist, teacher, writer, and rock star. On top of these pursuits, he is also Vermont's Cartoonist Laureate (serving from 2011 to 2013).

He is a prolific cartoonist who has produced a daily diary comic since 1998. He publishes it on his website American Elf, and print copies are available from Top Shelf Productions as The Sketchbook Diaries and American Elf. He has also created a wide range of books, including series for children (Johnny Boo, The Best Little Ghost in the World and Dragon Puncher), the iconic Monkey Versus Robots books, the raucous superhero parody SuperF*ckers, books about comics like Conversation, and The Cute Manifesto, a philosophical look at life and art. On top of all this work, he has also released nine albums with his group James Kochalka Superstar.

Kochalka is not just prolific; he's also good. He has won four Ignatz Awards and a Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work. He is totally deserving of a great fan blog, Kochalkaholic!

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  1. Hi Jim - WOW! I'm sure your father was John Kochalka - wonderful man - and your mother is just as wonderful.
    I worked in the SHS Guidance Office when you were in high school in Springfield.
    Congrats on your "retirement" from your current cartoon. I wish you the best in whatever other pursuits you have!
    Lorraine Zigman
    Perkinsville VT (Weathersfield)