Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kim Thompson, RIP

Storied and influential comics editor Kim Thompson died June 19, 2013. The list of works and artists he had a hand in bringing to American audiences is long and way beyond impressive. I got to know him from his writings in The Comics Journal in various media and also from his caricatures from comics I loved and worshiped while I was an impressionable reader, including Hate and Eightball.

I cannot put into words my appreciation for all he did with his life and how much he was a cornerstone of what I consider the best publisher of US comics, Fantagraphics, home of Love and Rockets and so many other excellent works, so I will link to some of the most affecting words I have seen from others.

This laundry list of tributes from those who knew and worked with him is very heartfelt, funny, affecting, and wonderful.

Bully, Your Friendly Neighborhood Stuffed Bull, has a great look at his personality as well as his Marvel Comics fanboy past.

This obituary by long-time friend and partner-in-crime Gary Groth is available at the Fantagraphics website.

Tom Spurgeon has a comprehensive list of remembrances, tributes, and related writing about Kim Thompson over at The Comics Reporter. Spurgeon also offers a most comprehensive obituary/appreciation here.

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