Monday, January 20, 2014

Dim Sum Warriors Volume 2: Feast of Fury

After the competition that closed volume 1, Prince Roastpork Bao (a.k.a. "Porky") finds himself a disciple of the Fried Kung Academy, but he soon disappears, throwing the land into confusion and setting off a series of events that lead to upheaval, revolution, and conflict.

Sides are taken, and the four factions of the Dim Sum Warriors jockey for position. There are some surprises, as you see above, such as that old Chicken Foot actually has some amazing powers and abilities and works to protect the royal family and young children who are striving for justice and freedom.
Colonel Quickynoodle is still up to his old tricks, and his plans here come to realization. He is a stock villain in many ways, but I love how his characterization melds old-school kung fu conventions with more modern concerns such as commercialization, nutrition, and media awareness. Plus, his hair is just awesome. This book is fun, action-packed, as well as simultaneously thought provoking and silly, a difficult combination to achieve.
One of my favorite parts of these books is how food items are characterized and how their personalities emerge. These stories are full of heart, reverence of old ways, and an appreciation of our contemporary world. It is great for children, treating them respectfully by engaging their interests and current concerns while still providing doses of humor, action, intrigue, and invention. Add to all these positive features of the narrative that this book is the physical manifestation of an educational app that helps emerging readers learn in either English or Mandarin Chinese, and I think the result is an excellent teaching and learning resource as well as a fun, engaging story.

The story for Dim Sum Warriors was written by Colin Goh and Yen Yen Woo, a married couple who have developed multiple websites and films. They speak about their work and backgrounds here at their official website. The artwork is expressive, fluid, fun, and crisply presented by Soo Lee. This volume is also pretty interesting in its back pages where we see the earlier efforts of these creators to use these characters in a syndicated comic strip and a comic book anthology. Looking at them, a budding creator can gain some insight into the creative process of making comics.

Feast of Fury has received deserved positive attention and was named a Featured Title on Diamond Bookshelf. Here is a list of review excerpts posted on the book's official site.

This book was published by Yumcha Studios. Here is an online tutorial for using the app version, which is also a quick preview of the story from Volume 1.

Thank you, Yen Yen, for making a great new product and keeping me up to date with your delightful work!

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