Friday, July 11, 2014

Remake Special & 3xtra

Yesterday, I reviewed Remake, and now I am looking at its two sequels:

In this first follow-up volume, Max Guy and a couple friends descend into the sewer to get vengeance on the doo doo monster that keeps tormenting Max at night. He, Magma Boy, and Sick Rick find many interesting characters underground, including an alligator DJ and a family of poop monsters. Like its predecessor, this book is full of silliness and surreal happenings. Even though it has a creepy edge, the outcomes are still surprising and delightful.
Lamar Abrams has made another fun comic book, tinged with sarcasm and just enough acidic wit to make things interesting. I agree with the review by comicsgirl, who stated, "While I wouldn’t necessarily hand this to a child (although maybe leave it out where they could find it, but that’s different), the kid-like qualities of it make it joyful." I should also add that I thought it was also good to see a full-length story here. Afterward, I wanted to read even more Max Guy adventures, and lucky there is one more entry in the series...

3xtra is a collection of three separate stories. In the first, Max's roommate Cardigan and friends go out dancing at a club where the alligator DJ is performing. Unexpectedly, their night of frivolity turns into a journey through time and space.
In the second, Max watches TV with his cat and battles the villainous Black Ice, who has frozen the city.
In the third, we meet Max's mother after Max starts experiencing some technical difficulties and requires maintenance.
All three stories are full of snarky comments and absurd situations. Although the third tale is the shortest and perhaps slightest, it has a punchy ending that rounds the book out well. I have to say that Abrams certainly is consistent on delivering fun comics. I was not able to find many reviews of this book, but Jonathan B rightfully recommends it for those who enjoy "fun video game references and people communicating by playful insults."

That's all the Max Guy adventures for now. Hopefully we will see some more in the future...

Both books are available from Adhouse Books.

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