Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mystery Girl

This book collects the first four issues of the series Mystery Girl. So far, I am not sure there will be further issues, but these were certainly very enjoyable and fun to read, so I hope so. The plot revolves around Trine Hampstead, a young woman who lives in London, England and has a very unique ability. She knows everything. Almost everything actually, because she does not know how she got her abilities. But she can solve pretty much any mystery you have, no matter how mundane or extraordinary, and that is how she earns her keep.
As you can see from the excerpt, she comes into contact with some colorful characters, including strippers, police officers, sleuths, rich folk, and assassins. Much of the fun of this book is getting to know those characters and seeing how Trine interacts with them. Also, there is a lot of intrigue as she embarks on an adventure to find a lost expedition that was searching for live woolly mammoths.

The story is a typically jaunty, joyful affair by Eisner Award-winning author Paul Tobin. He has worked on a great many comics I have admired, including Bandette, Gingerbread Girl, and a long run on various Marvel Adventures series. Here, his story is accompanied by playful, colorful artwork by Alberto J. Alburquerque and Marissa Louise. Alburquerque has worked on the series Letter 44, and Louise has colored a number of comic series, most notably licensed properties such as Escape from New York and Robocop. Tobin speaks more about Mystery Girl in this interview.

Most of the reviews I have read about this book have been positive. Jesse Shedeen stated that it first contained "more laid-back character study than high concept drama, though it has its flashy moments." Jennifer Cheng was more critical of it, writing that "Tobin’s script has one twist after another, each of them fanciful and offbeat, but the cost in believability might not be worth the charm and the unpredictability." Chris Sims remarked that "the book moves so fast and so well that it all comes together beautifully."

Mystery Girl was published by Dark Horse, and they have previews and much more available here. There are nudity, sexual situations, and profanity in this book, and I suggest it for readers mature enough to deal with those things.

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