Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Complete Matinee Junkie: Five Years at the Movies

The Complete Matinee Junkie was another book I got as part of backing Birdcage Bottom Books' Kickstarter for 2018. It collects four shorter books into one complete volume, like the title says. Given the title, I thought perhaps that this book was going to contain a series of illustrated movie reviews over the course of the titular five years, especially because now I have two small kids and do not get to the movies nearly as much as I used to. There is some movie criticism here, but mostly this book is a collection of autobiographical comics that use movie-viewing as a backdrop.
Instead of being disappointed, I was pleased by this book's tone and perspective. I really enjoyed the view into the day-to-day life of the narrator and his girlfriend, and I was frequently tickled by their various observations and comments. This book might not have been heavy reading, but I felt it was very relatable, great fun with a great sense of humor. Also, he reproduces all his movie tickets as part of the comics, a touch I loved.

Jordan Jeffries is the creator behind this series and collection. I do not know that much about him but you can check out some of his works here. He speaks about his work on the series and also his movie-going in this interview.

I was not able to find many reviews of this book, but the ones I have read have been positive. Publishers Weekly summed up, "Even the most lackadaisical theatergoer will be moved by Jeffries’s sincere and enduring love of all that makes cinema special." Ryan C. wrote, "It’s packed with enough witty and wry observation to satisfy cineastes from the casual to the committed."

The Complete Matinee Junkie: Five Years at the Movies was published by Birdcage Bottom Books, and they offer a preview and more info about it here.

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