Saturday, November 2, 2013

#literacies chat

Mark your calendars! This coming Thursday at 8 pm, I will be taking part in a live chat about graphic novels on Twitter.

You can find the #literacies chat by following this link, and I will be talking about all kinds of issues concerning graphic novels and education. To kick things off, I have three questions here for your persusal and reflection:

1. Have you used graphic novels in your classrooms? What seemed effective or useful and what did not?
2. How do students perceive and read graphic novels? Do they seem suited or attractive to particular types of students?
3. What do you think about using original graphic novels compared to literary adaptations in graphic novel form?

I hope to "see" you all on Thursday!

PS, If you are fairly new to graphic novels, here's a quick introduction I wrote called "What is a graphic novel?"

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