Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I am continuing my exploration of Comixology Unlimited. Today's selection is a book that I was eager to check out but hesitant to buy.
Why I chose it: I have read a few of Jeremy Baum's prior comics, and I was fascinated with his art and dreamlike storylines.

An excerpt:

The Bottom Line: This might not be a graphic novel for everyone. It has a meandering plot that shifts from sci-fi to fantasy locales with very similar looking characters. I have read this book a few times now, trying to make sense of things, and it is definitely more a tonal work than a linear one. Those looking for conclusions or a straight plot will come away disappointed. Still, I think the intricate artwork is a marvel to observe, and I like visiting the worlds created here, even if there are not very definitive. This was a great comics experiment, and in parts the story feels like a video game sequence, which invokes some sense of nostalgia as well as wonder. In all, I feel the book is well worth checking out. It seems to me perfect for borrowing.

Don't just take my word for it: Jason Sacks called it "fascinating and haunting." J. Caleb Mozzocco summed up, "Readers will likely end up as lost as the protagonist, but Baum’s illustrated meditation on genre tropes, video games and eroticism at least makes for good company." Tom Murphy concluded, "The deeply hypnagogic feel of Dörfler means that it certainly won’t be a book for everyone. However, the boldness of Baum’s approach and the rich texture of his craft make it worth a punt if you don’t mind finishing a piece of work with more questions than answers."

Dörfler was published by Fantagraphics, and they have a preview and more available here.

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