Friday, August 19, 2016

Faith: Hollywood and Vine

Day 5 of me rummaging through Comixology Unlimited!
Why I chose it: I jumped on the Valiant bandwagon a little while ago, and I thought I would see what this series was about. I have seen a bunch of folks extolling its virtues as a fresh, new take on superheroes, and I wanted to see what the hubbub was about.

An excerpt:

The Bottom Line: Faith has a lot of the trappings of a superhero, only slightly more contemporary. She maintains a secret identity, and instead of working at a newspaper, she creates content for an online publication that resembles Buzzfeed. There she has to deal with the matter of having to cover her ex-boyfriend/ex-teammate's new reality show, and she is supposed to savage it in print in order to make good with her boss, which places her in an awkward position. Also, in terms of superheroics, there is a shadowy organization that is hunting psiots (people with amazing mental abilities like Faiths, whose actual superhero name is Zephyr). Faith has a spunky and relatable personality, cracking wise, making lots of pop culture references, and having a slightly complicated love-life. I liked her as a character, and she seems very modern. Also, she does not physically resemble the typical superheroine, and that gets cited as a characteristic that endears her to some fans. In the end though, like yesterday, this was a comic I just liked but did not love. I am just not the target demographic, and I probably won't be following the new ongoing series. Still, I really liked the artwork, and I am glad that there are ever expanding choices for those who want more variety in their superheroes.

Don't just take my word for it: Jason P. called it "a new book that captures all of the exciting elements of reading a superhero story but with a fresh perspective and a health dose of satire and positivity." Steve Bennett called it "deftly written and beautifully drawn." Starshine5050 remarked that "she might be my new favorite comic character."

Faith: Hollywood and Vine was published by Valiant Comics, and they have previews and more available here.

Tune in tomorrow for the grand conclusion of my week-long review of borrowed e-graphic novels! Come see if I am still a Debbie Downer...

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